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Over the years, GANT has been characterized by those that are both dreamers and doers, contributing to our heritage and our reputation. 

A seamless evolution, involving aspiration, ideas, a transparent vision, and a tangible end-result of which we are endlessly proud.

In 1914, an individual named Bernard Gantmacher, a Ukrainian native, makes the long journey to island to start out his new life. To finance his studies, Bernard takes employment at a shirt-collar factory, where his creativity is nurtured into ambition.gant 

From here, he moves to metropolis, CT, and starts a shirt making company whichGant becomes the first to provide the Button-Down Shirt to a broader American market in 1949.
Later on 1949, This year marks the birth of GANT, founded by Bernard and his two sons, Marty and Elliot. Casual button-down shirts are the premise of their success, while the quality of the merchandise speaks for itself. 

They find popularity amongst the students of the region Universities, and their innovations, just like the locker loop, the box pleat, and also the back-collar button cement their status because the best purveyor of the preppy look.

GantNow 1970s to present, within the late ‘70s, a current chapter begins for Gant.
GANT, because the corporate is bought by three Swedish entrepreneurs with a look ahead to a top of the range product.

The move to Europe adds a sophisticated European flair to the classic designs, whilst helping GANT to become an internationally renowned brand, now with the added goal to make the earth a more interesting and exquisite place through the eagerness for American sportswear.

In 2008 GANT was bought by land family enterprise Maus Frères, but remained headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

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