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LYLE & SCOTT was established in 1874 as a knitwear company in Hawick, Scotland. Created by William Lyle and Sir Walter Scott, their goal was to make high-quality underwear for Victorian Britain.

They quickly progressed to knitted outerwear, supplying jumpers, polos and cardigans to the everyday man.
As Lyle and Scott grew, they formed collaborations with many famous designer brands.
Their first came in 1954 with Dior, which was followed rapidly by links with brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Michael Kors.Lyle & Scott
In the 1960s Lyle and Scott became a famous golf brand, supplying kit to golfers like Gary Player and Tony Jacklin.
The link with golf solidified their logo, the eagle; a golfing term for achieving two shots revolting. Lyle and Scott continues to produce a golf range today, specializing in fusing athletic performance with technical features.
They even have two other key ranges, Lyle and Scott Classic, and Lyle and Scott Contemporary. Classic may well be a timeless collection, encapsulating strong brand provenance and mainstream acceptance.
The Contemporary collection is trend-led, to be worn by the fashion-conscious individual, in step with new and changing styles.Nowadays, Lyle and Scott is worn by men from all walks of life. During the noughties, the enduring coloured polo shirts featuring the eagle were famous within the indie pop scene.
Bands like Vampire Weekend, Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys were often seen wearing the brand, which helped to increase the reach of the label.
The range of clothing that Lyle and Scott produce is from t-shirts and polos to jackets, coats and shirts.
13336611 1214898226830502They also sell footwear and accessories, like bags, hats and sunglasses.If you’re looking for a straightforward answer to the above question; who wears Lyle and Scott? Then your answer is simply about everyone. it’s preferred within the more indie scene, and also includes a robust presence within the casual clothing of the football scene.
However, all people from various different backgrounds can find a reliable brand in Lyle and Scott.Due to the range of clothing they supply, they’ll cater to almost everyone’s needs.

From smarter shirts to casual polos and tees, you truly are spoilt for choice. Lyle and Scott is additionally favoured by several celebrities, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gary Barlow and David Beckham.

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